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A poignant moment- departing our residence at Icknield Port Loop.

Embarking on our new home at Warwick Bar, Digbeth, Slow Boat set sail upon the 19 locks that connect Brindleyplace with Digbeth. It was absolutely incredible, what would have took 20 minutes to walk almost took 4 hours on boat! The weather being on our side, all of us got a windlass out and each took a lock to master…

But just as we pulling in by Minerva Works, a shirt in the canal got entangled in the propeller. Standard.

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National Trust Walking Festival- this weekend!

Dearest all,
We’re all really excited about being invited to Packwood House this weekend to take part in the National Trust’s walking festival. If you’re free this Saturday, do endeavour to come and join us for an afternoon’s “serene escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life” to take part in our ‘Slow Walk’ between 12-4pm.
Hope to see you there!

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Floating Feast appears in Area magazine!

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IYP Recruitment Drop in- Session 2

…more cornflake cakes, bunting, collage.

And a introduction to Ikon, which included a grand tour of Nedko Solakov’s current exhibition here. It’s incredible, so come check it out!

Then some more cake. Yum.


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an off-the-page writing workshop

This gallery contains 8 photos.

last Saturday morning aboard Slow Boat consisted of a Writing West Midlands workshop, which was AMAZING. We created streams (upon streams!) of consciousness about the canals, heritage and towpaths.

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IYP Recruitment Drop in- Session 1

Yesterday afternoon we began making an incredible length of personalised bunting…

Lots of collage and chocolate-cornflake-cakes.


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Floating Feast Review, the Radar Magazine

Some lovely coverage of Slow Boat in issue 14 of the Radar Magazine.

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National Trust Walking Fest- Planning

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September Sessions- Boat to Row, 28 September 2011


With their charming dulcet tones, Boat to Row performed a rather incredible set for the final September Sessions voyage.

Beginning their set with Working Class, soon intermittent runners along the canal began to pause, and pull out their earphones and listen in to the projected melody. How interesting we must have looked to all the onlookers.

On stopping for apple juice at the Vale and Mike, Ben and Faye admitted that performing aboard narrow boats was a rather new experience (shocking!). And on journeying back towards Brindleyplace, continued their set with more songs taken from their EP until dusk came upon us.

And so the evening ended on a warm note, one of tote-bag purchasing and discussions of how delightful it is to be floating along the canal in a heat wave.

Currently the team and I are working together to produce an EP of tracks played, along with creating a batch of folky home-made packaging. It will be ready for Autumn Almanac week but we?ll endeavour to keep you informed of its progress.

Alas, our September Sessions are over, but please return for an evening of nostalgia on November 19th when we re-live the sessions at Ikon Gallery?s Autumn Almanac event.

Put it down in your diary!

Stream, stream away! :


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