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2000 leaflets arrived for us on thursday, much to everyone’s excitement!


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Just came across this, on this blog. They’re sound amplifiers placed in public places all over Oslo, which amplify natural vibrations of objects. It kind of links back to the aether, and how vibrations travel, but at the same time reminded me of something someone had told me (when two objects which vibrate naturally at the same frequency come into contact with eachother they explode, but really they cause a sonic boom!) Really like the idea that you could attach this to the boat and we would be able to actually ‘hear’ it as odd as that sounds! (would be really interesting too learning what makes what sounds, and if we could make something with the sounds produced.)

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Just wanted to share with you all a few photos from my trip to a gallery (Mostyn Oriel) today. The exhibition being shown was called “apothecaries..archives..icons”, and was created by Fred Langford Edwards, and is based around old medical supplies, equiptment and religious sculptures and paintings, all of which he has found hidden away in Equador. It’s a really stunning collection of prints, and just struck a chord because of the work Sarah’s been doing at the Lapworth Geology Museum. You can read more about him here, and I would in particular check out his prints of religious objects, because they’re really beautiful, and hidden.

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White Noise

A few of my drawings and photographs from the trip to London recently.

I also came across this a few weeks ago, it’s a white noise generator! It simulates white, pink and brown noise, which are all {quite interestingly} meant to make you relax, and even help you sleep.

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