Working within & for IYP as both a member and the Project Assistant, I try to contribute as much as I can for the group's online presence, aswell as helping out in general with the group.

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Sneek Peek at the installation progress at Warwick Bar!

Still in the process of getting the event IYP Presents all ready for our two day event this Friday 5 – 7pm and Saturday 12 – 4pm but here’s a quick couple of behind the scene pictures.



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Conniston Youth Group visit Birmingham

This weekend, the boys from Conniston came down to Birmingham from the distant Lake District, to tour the city IYP style, by sailing along the canals in Slow Boat, pitching up Zeltbahns in The Vale and finally having a tour around Ikon Gallery.

The day started with a casual walk through the city, which some of the boys found was a lot to take in as they had never visited Birmingham before. They made their way through the busy streets on a Saturday morning to arrive at Ikon to talk briefly about the day so far, before heading down to the canal and climbing aboard Slow Boat where we set off along the waterways.

We then arrived at The Vale after a leisurely drift through the brisk late-autumn weather, and got the zeltbahns off the boat where we started to set them up, with IYP and Conniston Youth Group each getting in to two teams to try and build their tent faster than the other.

After a tense few minutes, with each group scrambling to get their own zeltbahn tent the biggest and most secure, both teams came in at a close draw by having two tents nothing alike, but equally worthy.

Once both groups were sufficiently worn out by all the tent making, they headed back to Ikon where the tour around the galleries began and the Conniston boys got to visit an art gallery for the first time all together with IYP.

The Conniston Youth Group were great to spend the day with and IYP looks forward to seeing them again at some point in the future!


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Workshop Update…


Call for Performers aged 16-25

Take part in He(a)rd a new performance work by Laura Cooper at the Ikon Gallery for the opening of Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens.

Performers are needed to be part of a live performance intervention in public space. The performance will take place in the corporate area that surrounds the gallery. It will involve working as a herd/group with other performers to communicate in whistled and spoken codes. Performers will also take turns to use a smart phone to stream live video back to the gallery. This video footage will be watched by a live audience. It is a great opportunity to work with a visual artist and be part of an exciting art work. It would suit those interested in visual art, acting, singing, performance and public interventions.

To take part in He(a)rd (2012) you need be available on the following dates:

Workshop Thursday 25 October, 4 – 6pm

Workshop Monday 5 November, 4 – 6pm

Final public performance on Thursday 8 November, 5 – 8pm

We are looking for participants – if you’re interested in attending the next workshop please contact Kate Self: or Laura Cooper; and leave your details to find out more.

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Upcoming IYP Presents… Event

Last week we attended the Warwick Bar Programming meeting, where all of the ideas to take place over the next few months were discussed and set dates for. Plans are coming together nicely for the first ever IYP Presents… a celebration of 2012 an incredible year. We will be showcasing artwork made by members of IYP and representing our recent collaborations.

Keep an eye on this space over the coming weeks for more details.

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Tipton Canal & Community Festival

This weekend, Slow Boat attended the Canal & Community Festival at Tipton. Other boats and stalls there offered such things from hand knitted items to canal themed household objects.

We were there designing postcards aboard Slow Boat with the lovely people of Tipton that came to join us. We had a blast at the festival and came away with so many great postcards, here are a couple.

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Interviews with Kate & Simon about Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance recently came to Ikon to interview myself and Kate, and asked us just what we think of the Scheme and how it has affected us.

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