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Allotments in Conversation

Simon and Polly talk to Trevor Pitt about IYP’s space at the MAC and the ideas and thought processes, for the work they’ve done there earlier this year, with other group members between April and late June.

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A Royal Goodbye of our How To’s at MAC

So with all things, there must one day come an end. Unfortunately, that end is nigh for our space at MAC, with just one more week until we say goodbye and cart all of the various things people have made & left back with us to Ikon, we decided to go out with a bang and make it a ‘How To’ fit for a king.

This week, you can make your very own paper crowns and walk around like royalty. But don’t wait too long to come visit, we’re only there for 8 more days. So grab your best sceptre & cape, and come make a crown to match.


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Allotment workshop at the MAC

So this weekend (the 9th & 10th June) we are at the MAC delivering a ‘How To…’ workshop, making Dragon Boats, Flipbooks & Paper Bunting with families and children throughout the day.

Some lovely things have been made so far, and the kids have really loved being able to get hands on with all the bright coloured paper & stickers.

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‘How To… Make Bunting!’

The latest Mac Allotments install is underway! This time we share ‘How To Make Bunting’.

The paper triangles, string and colouring pencils looked super inviting; Simon and I couldn’t help making a couple of examples before we left!

I popped back to the Mac the following day, and some beautiful paper bunting had already strung up in the space; now I just can’t wait to return and see how the space has transformed.


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Another week, another ‘How to’.

We’re now into our second fortnight at the MAC, and with the new week comes a whole new way to engage the public. This time, IYP has chosen to offer materials and instructions to make your own flip-book. Even with this ‘How yo’ being only 4 days old, I still had to venture over again today to refill up on supplies as everything had been used and turned into a lovely collection of flip-books, such as these few.

I thought I would include the leftover card that we used for the origami, to create some nice covers that could be used to make more of a variety of books, and also just to get some colour back into the space, like the previous ‘How to’ of Dragon Boats.

I think by the end of this fortnight, we’re going to have a lot of interesting flip-books to go through.

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Update on Allotment Space at the MAC

So today, I thought it would be a good idea to go by the MAC, just to check up and see how things were going. I walked through the Allotments hallway with various other spaces being used to showcase pieces of text or maybe a collection of small objects.

To then get a bit further up the corridor and see IYP’s space covered in a mass of Dragon Boats!

As I stood infront of our space with a slight grin of pride, a man who I think must work at the cafe (which would make sense as I doubt the white uniform & apron was casual wear) came up to me and told me to see if I could make one with a chuckle. I then looked back and realized a few of the attempts at making a dragon boat weren’t exactly ‘sea worthy’. But how they would do out on the open waters isn’t a huge deal, what matters the most, definitely to me & my sense of Ikon pride at least, is how many people have came up to our space and at least attempted to take part.

Overall I’d say that as the space has only officially been open a couple of days, it’s already a huge success. Which is even better considering this is the first of 4 different ideas of what to have displayed within the space we have. This will definitely be a space to keep watching over the next following months.

The link to the Allotment’s blog and twitter are below.



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