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Slow Boat Aria

So the curtains are finally calling as Slow Boat goes on it’s last voyage during the Slow Boat Summer. Arriving at Warwick Bar, it hosted a party to celebrate all of the memories and friends it had made this year.

With IYP and Propeller working alongside renowned Mezzo-Soprano Loré Lixenberg, they created an aria that truly summed up the journey in the especially quirky way which IYP is known for.

It was a lovely end to a fantastic summer, and only raises the bar for next year!

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Chisenhale Word Mix

A piece of music members of IYP and Propeller put together with Sam Belinfante by editing and mixing recordings they had previously made with spoken words and sounds.

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IYP visit London

On Friday Slow Boat reached the end of its two week journey to Chisenhale Gallery and IYP travelled to London to celebrate its arrival.

Over the weekend we spent time making and recording sound – looking at onomatopoeia with Sam Belinfante and the sounds of Slow Boat and its surrounding area with Benedict Drew.

On Sunday IYP and Propeller led a family workshop at Chisenhale where children were taught to make origami boats which they could then sail on the canal. We were also joined by a journalist from Culture 24 whose article about Slow Boat can be read here.

In the evening we went to Victoria park to watch the Olympics on a big screen and afterwards tried to get as close as we could to the Olympic stadium.

On Monday we visited Tate Modern to see Tino Sehgal’s live work These Associations and all found ourselves engaged in some intriguing and unexpected conversation. This made me think about the possibility of recording more speech to be used on Scarcity Radio – maybe the stories of people we meet on our journey back to Birmingham.

We were then very lucky to visit the American Embassy as we had been invited for a tour of the Ambassador and his wife’s collection of mostly modern American art. We discussed the issues surrounding the display of work in such a decorative house and the implications of displaying a work such as Robert Rauschenberg’s Signs (above) in a meeting place of world leaders and politicians. Having seen the collection before on a previous trip with IYP it was great to see two new works – an Andy Warhol self portrait and sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend and sleeping over in a gallery was an experience that I’m sure none of us will forget!


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IYP & Propeller go to Milton Keynes

So we all recently went to the beautiful Milton Keynes to visit Artworks MK for a weekend, whilst following Slow Boat on its Summer 2012 voyage. Milton Keynes marks the halfway point on Slow Boat’s journey to London.

Whilst at Artworks MK, we were lucky enough to have access to their ceramics studio where the groups got to make their own tile, I use the word tile loosely, as some of the things produced are definitely on the abstract side of traditional tile making.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing them finished once they are put in a kiln and have all dried.

Everyone had a great time and will be looking forward to next week when we’re finally at London!



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The Halfway Point!

A few snaps from our first week on route to London. We have safely made it to Milton Keynes, and are looking forward to the second leg of the journey which is starting tomorrow!

Hitting the beautiful countryside…

Five down, sixteen to go…

The exit from Blisworth Tunnel…


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Slow Boat sets sail into the Summer of 2012

All nautical puns aside, the beginning of Slow Boat’s summer is finally here and it couldn’t have been timed better. There was cake and bustled chatter amongst the crowds of people that had gathered to watch Slow Boat finally begin it’s voyage to London, and after the beautiful speech by Jonathan Watkins (The Director of Ikon) which was the first broadcast to go out live on Scarcity Radio, we began to set sail.

With the sun finally shining away the post-winter blues, it almost felt like a holiday cruising down the canal with the sun’s reflection dancing on all the nearby walls and tunnels. It was the first time IYP & Propeller were together and could really get to know each other over the course of the day.

On the next leg of the journey with IYP, we’ll be visiting Artworks MK where the group will be able to use the Ceramics Studio and have the whole weekend to channel their inner sculptor.

Till then, keep an eye on this space and an ear to Scarcity Radio where you’ll be getting all of the information you could possibly want to keep you up to date.

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