Citizen’s Band

In advance of our third workshop with Geoffrey Roberts, here is a poster and a short clip from Handle With Care, also known as Citizen’s Band, a film from 1977 that is concerned with a town of residents and their use of CB radio. CB radio has nothing like the popularity now that it did in the seventies, but the idea of secret identities being used to transmit thoughts and desires via a pseudonym, a ‘handle’, is very like how we can communicate online with a different persona or ‘avatar’.

The clip linked above also shows radio direction finding, where the main character, Spider, tracks down the Hustler, someone who has been antagonising him over the airwaves.


About Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne‘s research-based art practice explores our understanding of ‘the economy’, particularly its moral, irrational and ritualistic workings, as the dominant metaphor for contemporary social and political relations. She is interested in forms of non-market exchange and communication such as gift economies, subsistence, subsidies and poaching, and the creation or documentation of intentional economies and temporary ‘communities’.
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