Installation of the Allotments Project at the MAC

The shelves are being painted and the instructions are being printed. Members of IYP gathered at the MAC yesterday, looked at the space we were given & started to form ideas and plans of what we could do with it. The first week’s skill to learn will be be ‘How to make a Dragon Boat’ Or due to the surplus of ‘How to’s…’ in the surrounding allotments, a title of ‘Create and Curate’ would seem more appropriate.

The first week will be about teaching people how to make an origami boat, and then leaving it when they’ve finished it either on the shelves or on the floor where there will hopefully be a small vinyl pond where the boats can seem to float upon.

Whatever happens throughout the week of this being here, there should definitely be some interesting results by the end of the first project.

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Working within & for IYP as both a member and the Project Assistant, I try to contribute as much as I can for the group's online presence, aswell as helping out in general with the group.
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